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100 Days Without a Budget: Looking Back on the Failures, and One Success, of a Crisis

October 9, 2017 By Staff
100 Days Without a Budget: Looking Back on the Failures, and One Success, of a Crisis

Perhaps the one major accomplishment in Connecticut's government over the past three months was a bipartisan budget. But then Dan Malloy vetoed it.

On Monday, Connecticut reached its 100th day without a budget.

Of course, the state could have passed a balanced two-year budget in September, but Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) decided to veto the GOP-led budget that passed with bipartisan votes.

Here’s a look back at 100 days of failure (and one major success) in the Connecticut government:

  • Day -1 (June 30): we compared Connecticut’s current budget crisis to the long-standing budget crisis that impacted Illinois; years without a budget can lead to both drastic actions in the short term and credit downgrades in the long term
  • Day 21 (July 21): Malloy called for a three-month mini-budget, legislative Democrats pitched tax increases, and the GOP merely asked for a spot at the table
  • Day 32 (August 1): Encouraged by Malloy, Democrats in the legislature passed a union concessions deal that earned Malloy $1.5 billion in two-year concessions but also gave state employees a five-year extension on their generous benefits package
  • Day 47 (August 15): we brought you news from NBC Connecticut that Connecticut veterans were not receiving Honor Guard salutes at funerals due to the budget crisis
  • Day 53 (August 21): by executive order, Malloy announced he will zero out education funding for 85 of Connecticut’s 169 towns and cities
  • Day 77 (September 16): the Connecticut House and Senate passed the GOP-supported budget with bipartisan votes
  • Day 80 (September 19): Malloy ironically called for the “courage to compromise” on a budget, after Republicans and Democrats in both chambers did just that
  • Day 86 (September 25): Malloy blasted the GOP budget’s cuts to UConn (without mentioning his own spending priorities) and promised to veto the GOP budget
  • Day 89 (September 28): Malloy vetoed the bipartisan budget
  • Day 100 (October 9): Columbus Day

How much longer will Connecticut go without a budget? It’s hard to know, but Malloy and his allies in the legislature are responsible for the crisis as long as a passed GOP budget sits in the wings.