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2020? Murphy Criticizes Clinton: Her “Ideas Just Didn’t Light Anybody’s Fire”

May 24, 2018 By Staff
2020? Murphy Criticizes Clinton: Her “Ideas Just Didn’t Light Anybody’s Fire”

The junior senator may be distancing himself from the divisive 2016 nominee ahead of his own possible 2020 run.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) criticized a candidate he once supported in an interview published this week with Yahoo! News.

Democrats may have no idea yet who will be topping their presidential ticket in 2020; as many two dozen potential candidates have hinted they might run against Donald Trump. But due in large part to these White House wannabes, the party’s new, post-Barack-Obama platform is already coming into focus, and it’s full of unabashedly left-wing ideas that represent a sharp break with Hillary Clinton’s technocratic tendency toward nine-point plans and a growing embrace of bold, Bernie Sanders–style liberalism.

“You have to have a small number of big, easy-to-understand ideas,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., recently told Yahoo News. “Trump had those. Bernie Sanders had those. But it didn’t seem to me that the Clinton campaign did. I don’t know that anybody in Connecticut could have listed a specific economic proposal from the Clinton campaign. They had great ideas. The ideas just didn’t light anybody’s fire.”

Comparing Clinton unfavorably to Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) seems to be a major step for Murphy, who enthusiastically backed Clinton and her ideas in 2016.

Why the sudden change? Maybe, as the article suggests, Murphy is positioning himself for his own 2020 presidential run.

Can Murphy promise ideas that ‘light’ peoples’ ‘fire’? That remains to be seen, but until then we’re on Murphy 2020 watch.