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5 Topics That Could Come Up in the 3rd CT-Gov. Debate on Wednesday Night

September 26, 2018 By Staff
5 Topics That Could Come Up in the 3rd CT-Gov. Debate on Wednesday Night

Lamont and Stefanowski are meeting for the third time.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont will meet to debate for the third time on Wednesday night. For the first time, independent candidate Oz Griebel, who ran for governor as a Republican in 2010, will join Stefanowski and Lamont.

The debate is hosted by Channel 3, and will be held at UConn in Storrs. It is from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., and will be aired on Channel 3 and Channel 3’s Facebook page.

Here are five topics Reclaim Connecticut expects to come up.


Stefanowski has been hammering Ned Lamont as a third term of unpopular Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), and focused on this in his first debate with Lamont.

With Malloy’s disapproval rating soaring above 70 percent in a recent poll by Sacred Heart University, expect Stefanowski to continue to make the case that Lamont is no better than Malloy and, indeed, could make things worse.


Lamont, meanwhile, has in turn sought to tie Stefanowski to Donald Trump, who is also unpopular in the state of Connecticut (though not as unpopular as Malloy).

The Lamont attacks were so frequent in the second debate that Stefanowski quipped to Lamont, regarding his focus on Trump and D.C.: “I wish you won your [2006 U.S.] Senate run, it would’ve been perfect.”


As his transportation event on Tuesday showed, Lamont is sticking by his plan to toll out-of-state trucks in order to pay for the state’s transportation needs. There are questions as to whether the math makes sense in Lamont’s plans. Expect Stefanowski to attack Lamont for supporting any kind of toll, and Lamont to hit back at Stefanowski by arguing the Republican has no plan to address transportation needs.


Lamont’s most prominent line of attack in the second debate was on Stefanowski’s plan to eliminate the income tax. Lamont argues Stefanowski’s plan is completely unrealistic and will leave Connecticut in an even deeper fiscal crisis, while Stefanowski says it’s difficult but can be done.

Given the income-tax repeal is the central plank of Stefanowski’s platform, expect it to come up Wednesday.


This would be a new topic in the gubernatorial debates, but Griebel’s presence on the debate stage may ensure that tax returns come up.

This week, Griebel became the first – and so far only – major gubernatorial candidate to release his tax returns. Look for Griebel, in his 2018 debate-stage debut, to present his transparency in this regard as a point of contrast with Lamont and Stefanowski.