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A Few Winners, “Lots of Losers”: Malloy’s Budget Plan for Local Schools

February 8, 2017 By Staff
A Few Winners, “Lots of Losers”: Malloy’s Budget Plan for Local Schools

The budget director for Gov. Malloy (D-Conn.) admitted on Wednesday that there will be "lots of losers" among schools in Connecticut.

On Wednesday, Ben Barnes – the budget director for Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) – admitted that Malloy’s budget will create “lots of losers” among Connecticut schools:

The CT Mirror has an extensive breakdown of how Malloy’s cuts will impact each of Connecticut’s 169 towns and cities. Overall, Malloy is proposing cutting $427 million from existing state aid to towns for education. He then re-allocates that aid to a “special education grant” that is “based on a town’s relative wealth.”

In other words, Malloy is sending a lot of state education aid from Connecticut’s towns to its larger cities. According to the Mirror, 137 towns and cities will lose aid under Malloy’s plan.

The education cuts are on top of Malloy’s proposal to have towns and cities pay a collective $407 million into teachers’ pensions next fiscal year. This proposal is a key component of Malloy’s $1.36 billion in proposed spending cuts.

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NOTE: This post was updated as new information of the state’s education spending came out.