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AARP Poll: Voters Over 50 Narrowly Favor Stefanowski Over Lamont

October 3, 2018 By Staff
AARP Poll: Voters Over 50 Narrowly Favor Stefanowski Over Lamont

The Republican has a lead on the Democrat among voters over 50. Does it bode well for Stefanowski in November?

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) released the results of a Connecticut poll of voters 50 years of age and older on Wednesday. AARP found that Republican Bob Stefanowski is leading Democrat Ned Lamont among voters over 50-plus, 34 percent to 33 percent.

The AARP poll also found other statewide races too close to call among voters 50 years of age and older:

  • In the attorney general race, the Democrat William Tong leads Republican Susan Hatfield, 34 percent to 32 percent
  • In the state treasurer race, the Democrat Shawn Wooden leads Republican Thad Gray 32 percent to 29 percent
  • In the comptroller race, the Democrat Kevin Lembo leads Republican Kurt Miller 33 percent to 28 percent

The poll also underscores that a sizable proportion of voters 50 and older are undecided: 26 percent, or more than a quarter, of these Connecticut voters said they are undecided on the gubernatorial contest.

It’s hard to tell what the results mean for the overall race, given AARP only polled voters 50 and above. But the close results in AARP’s poll track more closely to Sacred Heart University’s August poll than Sacred Heart’s September poll or Quinnipiac’s August poll:

  • SHU August poll: Lamont 40.8%, Stefanowski 36.9% (Lamont +3.9)
    • Among 45 to 64: Lamont 40.3%, Stefanowski 38.3% (Lamont +2)
    • Among 65+: Stefanowski 43.9%, Lamont 39.8% (Stefanowski +4.1)
  • SHU September poll: Lamont 43.1%, Stefanowski 36.9% (Lamont +6.2)
    • Among 45 to 64: Lamont 43.2%, Stefanowski 41.0% (Lamont +2.2)
    • Among 65+: Lamont 43.7%, Stefanowski 36.3% (Lamont +7.4)
  • Quinnipiac August poll: Lamont 46%, Stefanowski 33% (Lamont +13)
    • Among 50 to 64: Lamont 47%, Stefanowski 35% (Lamont +12)
    • Among 65+: Lamont 45%, Stefanowski 37% (Lamont +8)

This could suggest the race is closer than either Sacred Heart measured in September or Quinnipiac measured in August. Expect more public poll results between now and November, though.