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Aetna Reports 2016 Earnings, as Rumors of a Move to Boston Swirl

January 31, 2017 By Staff
Aetna Reports 2016 Earnings, as Rumors of a Move to Boston Swirl

The talk of Hartford on Tuesday is rumors that Aetna, the state's third-largest employer in the insurance industry, is considering an HQ move to Boston.

On Tuesday, insurer Aetna reported strong Q4 earnings in 2016. The report comes amid rumors the company is talking with Boston about a move there.

More from the Hartford Courant on how Baker is trying to woo Aetna:

For the past six months Aetna Inc. has been discussing a move to Boston with Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s office, sources close to the negotiations say.

…Commercial real estate brokers in Boston contacted for this story confirmed they are hearing about the efforts to lure Aetna to Boston, a move that stretches back to early 2015. That’s when Aetna joined with GE to publicly criticize the state’s tax climate. Boston and other cities quickly reached out to Aetna.

Is Aetna going to follow GE to Boston? Reclaim Connecticut first reported on the Aetna rumors last week. We also shared with you a video of Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) saying he doesn’t “know how to respond” to the Aetna rumors.

Aetna is “the third-largest insurance employer in Hartford, after Travelers and The Hartford.” About 6,000 people work at Aetna in Connecticut.

Aetna’s moves will be ones to watch in 2017, especially as the state debates tax and spending changes in the budget this spring.