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After Special Election Win, CT Dems Showered With Cash By National Party

March 7, 2018 By Staff
After Special Election Win, CT Dems Showered With Cash By National Party

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is swooping in to help Connecticut Democrats, with a "competitive" $50,000 grant.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), run by ex-Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez, is rewarding the Connecticut Democratic Party in a big way after their special election win last week.

The CT Mirror‘s Mark Pazniokas reported:

A week after Connecticut Democrats picked up a seat in the state House of Representatives, the Democratic National Committee has added the state party to its list of recipients of competitive $50,000 grants to help organize for the 2018 election.

…Balletto said the so-called SPIF grant — the money comes from the State Party Innovation Fund — is especially welcome in Connecticut, a state that traditionally sends more money to the national party than it receives.

Reclaim Connecticut noted on Wednesday morning that the special election in Stratford last week proves that turnout matters in small elections like this. The $50,000 from the DNC could have a real impact on Democrats’ ability to turn out voters in the tight race for control of Connecticut’s legislature.

However, the DNC is also a controversial brand. From a lack of cash to Democratic primary wars to advocating for impeachment of President Donald Trump, the national party suffers several problems at this time. Are voters willing to overlook the national brand, and Dan Malloy’s woes, to elect Democrats in 2018? November will tell.