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All 7 CT Dems in Congress Vote to Shut Down Government, and Malloy Blames … Republicans?

January 22, 2018 By Staff
All 7 CT Dems in Congress Vote to Shut Down Government, and Malloy Blames … Republicans?

The governor released a searing statement against the national GOP on Saturday, after seven members of his own party in Congress, and many other Democrats, voted to shut down government.

On Thursday evening, all five members of Connecticut’s U.S. House delegation, all Democrats, voted to shut down the government. On Friday night, Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) joined them in shutting down the government.

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) released a statement about the shutdown on Saturday morning. Was it a statement urging his Democratic allies in Congress to re-open government, so that Connecticut residents who benefit from federal government services can still access those services?

No … Malloy blamed Republicans, most of who voted to keep government open.

“This shutdown lies squarely on the shoulders of President Trump and his GOP allies in Congress, and their tactics could not be more cynical. A bipartisan agreement exists that would keep the federal government open while ensuring protection for Dreamers and extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program. But instead of working together and adopting a commonsense solution, Republicans are digging their heels in and holding hostage health insurance for nine million kids, including 17,000 in Connecticut. It is another shameful chapter for a party that seems to hit new lows on a daily basis.”

It’s the kind of gross partisanship Connecticut residents have grown used to in the eight years of Malloy’s hold on state government.