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Amid Budget Crisis, Malloy Proposes $250 Million Upgrades to XL Center

February 7, 2017 By Staff
Amid Budget Crisis, Malloy Proposes $250 Million Upgrades to XL Center

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) is proposing a quarter-billion dollar upgrade to the XL Center, including $50 million in 2018, even as the state faces a budget crisis.

On Tuesday morning, the Hartford Courant reported that Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) will propose $250 million in upgrades to the XL Center in his new budget:

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will propose spending $250 million for a major renovation of the city’s aging XL Center — half of it over the next two years — as he seeks to woo a major league hockey team back to Hartford.

Malloy’s budget chief confirmed Monday that the governor’s two-year capital plan — to be unveiled Wednesday along with the state’s proposed operating budget — will include $50 million in 2018 and $75 million in 2019.

On Monday, Reclaim Connecticut reported on Malloy and Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford) wooing the New York Islanders to Hartford.

Still, the proposal will surely raise questions amid a budget crisis in Connecticut. Recent estimates peg the fiscal year (FY) 2018 budget deficit at $1.3 billion to $1.5 billion.

Ironically, the $50 million Malloy is asking for the XL Center in 2018 is the same amount he cut from municipalities in December, to balance the 2017 budget.

Earlier, in November, Malloy’s office asked state agencies to “offer proposals for cutting their [budgets] by 10 percent,” to bring the state’s finances into balance. Some of these proposals were painful, including: children losing day care subsidies, privatizing group homes for people with intellectual disabilities, and eliminating a program that helps low-income Hispanic senior citizens apply for services.

While the prospect of a professional hockey team would be exciting for many Nutmeggers, some may be skeptical of the $250 million cost to the state.