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APPROVAL WATCH: Malloy at 24%

January 6, 2017 By Staff
APPROVAL WATCH: Malloy at 24%

Reclaim Connecticut will continue to watch the approval rating of Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn). Right now, it's at an "all-time low of 24%."

At Reclaim Connecticut, we will track the moving target of Gov. Malloy’s approval rating. Last we checked, it sits at an “all-time low” of 24 percent.

From Quinnipiac University in June:

Connecticut voters disapprove 68 – 24 percent of the job Gov. Dannel Malloy is doing, his worst approval rating ever and one of the lowest approval ratings ever recorded for a governor in any of the nine states surveyed by the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Republicans (89-8), Democrats (47-40), and independents (72-21) disapprove of Malloy. Men (69-24) and women (66-25) disapprove. Voters with college degrees (71-23) and without (65-26) disapprove.

In fairness to Malloy, a poll from one month earlier found a higher approval rating. Morning Consult found 29 percent of voters approve of Malloy.

Malloy’s 64 percent disapproval makes him the second-most unpopular governor in the nation.