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As Dems Around U.S. Nominate New, Diverse Candidates, CT Dems Pick … Ned

May 23, 2018 By Staff
As Dems Around U.S. Nominate New, Diverse Candidates, CT Dems Pick … Ned

On Tuesday, Democrats in Georgia and Texas picked new, young, and diverse candidates to run for governor and Congress in the fall. In Connecticut, Democrats have settled on Ned Lamont and the old guard.

On Tuesday evening, Atlanta lawyer Stacey Abrams became the first female and first black nominee for governor in Georgia’s history. Former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez became “Texas’ first openly gay and first Latina nominee for governor.”

In Connecticut, though, Democrats picked two-time failed candidate Ned Lamont at their party convention last weekend, and his path to the nomination in this August’s primary appears to be clear.

Lamont’s pick for lieutenant governor, former Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz (D-Conn.), also represents Connecticut’s ‘old guard’ of Democratic politics in many ways. It’s why Bysiewicz has a surprisingly-strong primary challenge in 30-year-old Eva Bermudez Zimmerman.

If Bysiewicz prevails though, the Democratic ticket will look like this:

  • Ned Lamont, who ran and lost in 2006 (U.S. Senate) and 2010 (governor)
  • Susan Bysiewicz, a former three-term secretary of state
  • Two-term secretary of state Denise Merrill, who’s running for reelection
  • Two-term comptroller Kevin Lembo, who’s running for reelection
  • One of three candidates for attorney general, two of who are Democratic state legislators and one of who is an ex-federal prosecutor and former candidate for governor
  • One of three candidates for treasurer, all of who are relative newcomers
  • Incumbent Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)
  • Four incumbent U.S. House members (Larson, Courtney, DeLauro, and Himes), and one of two Democrats who are fighting to replace scandal-plagued Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.)

Of the above, only three positions could meet the ‘new, young, and/or diverse’ label: attorney general, treasurer, and the nominee seeking to replace Esty. Otherwise, the other nine positions look like the Connecticut Democratic Party of yesteryear (what’s worse, the failed Democratic candidates of yesteryear).

Republicans have to sort through their own primaries, but they have candidates that are new (the businessmen running for governor, two women running for lieutenant governor, treasurer candidate Thad Gray, first-time congressional candidates in the 5th District), young (Mark Boughton, Tim Herbst, Art Linares), and diverse (Linares, Manny Santos).

If parties are trying to sell the image of a new Connecticut this fall, it’s looking right now like Republicans may have a better product to sell than Democrats.