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As Huge Deficits Loom, Malloy Touts Money Spent on Electric Cars, Brownfields

November 27, 2017 By Staff
As Huge Deficits Loom, Malloy Touts Money Spent on Electric Cars, Brownfields

The governor has issued two press releases in the last 10 days on state spending, and zero on the looming deficit.

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) seems intent on exiting the state much like he entered, touting millions of dollars spent on small programs while the state’s deficits swell to unsustainable amounts.

Since November 17, Malloy has touted spending on programs for electric vehicles (EVs) and brownfields, even as his administration reports an anticipated $200 million deficit for this fiscal year (which ends September 30, 2018) alone.

On November 17, Malloy announced “the release of $2 million in additional funding” to continue the EV rebate program.

[Malloy said:] “This rebate puts money right back in people’s pockets, providing an added incentive for consumers to embrace new approaches and help lead the way to a more sustainable future.”

Fuel cell powered EVs receive the largest rebate of $5,000. Plug-in hybrid and full battery electric EVs receive incentives ranging from $750 to $3,000, based on battery size.

And on November 20, Malloy announced $13.6 million in brownfield spending.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced that $13.6 million in state funding will be awarded to 14 municipalities across Connecticut to assess, remediate and revitalize blighted properties in their communities – also known as “brownfields” – and put them back into productive use. The projects encompass 89 acres of redevelopment.

Now, the EV program is paid for “through a funding commitment” by energy company Avangrid, and brownfields are unpleasant for communities, but the decision to tout this spending begs the question of what Malloy is doing to decrease long-term projected deficits.

Just last week, Malloy budget director Benjamin Barnes reported to Comptroller Kevin Lembo that the projected deficit for FY 2018 is $202.8 million.