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As Lembo Pledges ‘No’ Vote on Toll Study, GOP Opponent Asks: “Where Was He” Before?

July 20, 2018 By Staff
As Lembo Pledges ‘No’ Vote on Toll Study, GOP Opponent Asks: “Where Was He” Before?

The Democratic comptroller, running for reelection this year, said he'll vote no on funding Dan Malloy's toll study through the state bond commission. One of his GOP opponents says Lembo hasn't done enough.

This week, Comptroller Kevin Lembo (D-Conn.) told The CT Mirror he’ll oppose Gov. Dan Malloy’s (D-Conn.) proposal to bond $10 million for a statewide study on reinstating electronic tolls.

“The Bond Commission should not act as a replacement for legislative action,” Lembo said. “While the subject of electronic tolling — and infrastructure funding as a whole — is important to debate and discuss, I do not support financing this study through bonding without legislative directive. These decisions should be left to the next governor and legislature.”

Kurt Miller, the GOP-endorsed candidate to take on Lembo this fall, said on Thursday that it’s not enough for Lembo to be opposed to this toll study, because Lembo did not oppose other Malloy initiatives on the bond commission.

“While Democrat State Comptroller Kevin Lembo finally announced yesterday that he is against Democrat Governor Malloy’s plan to conduct a $10 million taxpayer-funded study for tolls in Connecticut, voters need to know that we cannot continue to have a state Executive branch that bypasses the General Assembly,” said Miller. “This is not the first time the Malloy administration has bypassed the General Assembly. Comptroller Lembo is finally speaking up now but where was he when Governor Malloy gave over $500 million to Hartford, or where was he when money was being bonded to replace carpets at hedge funds – silent. We need a consistent voice as our fiscal guardian, not someone who just speaks out during an election year.”

The Bond Commission consists of 10 members. Currently, the members are Malloy, Lembo, Malloy budget director Ben Barnes, Treasurer Denise Nappier (D-Conn.), Attorney General George Jepsen (D-Conn.), the commissioner of the state Department of Administrator Services, and four legislators (two Democrats and two Republicans).