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At AFL-CIO Convention, Dem Candidates for Gov Bow to the Unions

April 6, 2018 By Staff
At AFL-CIO Convention, Dem Candidates for Gov Bow to the Unions

It was a lovefest on stage, from the Democratic candidates for governor to one of the largest unions in the state. Will it come back to haunt the nominee in November?

Five of the six major Democratic candidates for governor attended the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention on Friday, and all five in attendance offered fealty to the powerful union.

Their words could win them primary points in April, but may come back to haunt them in November, with voters who are tired of labor unions’ hold on the state budget.

Susan Bysiewicz pledged a $15 minimum wage push, and new investments in transportation. It’s unclear if she identified a way to pay for the latter.

Jonathan Harris bragged of “reversing privatization in West Hartford, [and] supporting collective bargaining in the legislature.”

Sean Connolly reversed his position on a $15 minimum wage for the convention crowd.

Mayor Joe Ganim (D-Bridgeport) talked about “signing PLAs,” or Project Labor Agreements, in Bridgeport.

And Ned Lamont just about gave away the farm.

By the looks of the AFL-CIO convention, it seems like none of these candidates will, if elected governor, fight to reduce the state’s short- and long-term burdens with unionized state employees in 2019 and beyond.