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Bill That Would Legalize Marijuana Goes Up in Smoke

March 21, 2018 By Staff
Bill That Would Legalize Marijuana Goes Up in Smoke

The bill, which would determine what kinds of facilities could sell recreational marijuana to people age 21 and over, failed in committee this week.

A bill that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana, and define the marijuana “lounge[s]” and “retailer[s]” that could legally sell marijuana in the state, failed in committee this week.

What is called a joint favorable report for H.B. No. 5458, “An Act Concerning the Regulation of the Retail Sale of Marijuana,” failed in the General Law Committee on Tuesday.

According to the CT Post, the bill failed “by an 11-6 margin, an early indication of strong opposition.”

The bill did not cover the taxation of recreational marijuana.

In two separate interviews with a group that’s working to legalize marijuana, Regulate Connecticut, advocate Sam Tracy argued the legalization and taxation of marjiuana could:

  • Create “about 20,000 jobs here in Connecticut.”
  • Bring “about $200 million in annual tax revenue coming in to this state”

The jobs and tax revenue are certainly sore needs in Connecticut, absent the political wherewithal to cut spending. Collecting that tax revenue from marijuana sales, though, looks less likely after this week’s vote.