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Bill That Would Make Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Undocumented Immigrants Fails

May 30, 2017 By Staff
Bill That Would Make Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Undocumented Immigrants Fails

Over 100 counts of vandalism at UCONN by undocumented immigrant and activist Eric Cruz Lopez has led Connecticut legislators to postpone illegal immigration legislation:

Now his arrest is hurting the push for a bill that would allow students without legal immigration status at the state’s public colleges and universities access to financial aid.

The legislation would have allowed undocumented immigrants access to financial aid “funded by tuition payments from all students:”

The Connecticut General Assembly’s Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committees are scheduled to hear testimony on bills that would make the immigrant students eligible for different forms of financial aid funded by tuition payments from all students. Advocates of the legislation say the current system is unfair to the immigrant students, who must pay into the fund but can’t apply for the money.

Opponents of the legislation highlighted that this would leave students living legally in the state with less financial aid:

Opponents have argued that allowing those students to access financial aid would mean less money for those in the country legally.

As Connecticut faces massive budget deficits and an increasing cost of living for state residents, Connecticut currently provides a taxpayer funded “tuition break” to undocumented students at state colleges and universities:

Connecticut currently provides the in-state tuition break to undocumented immigrants who have attended high school in the state for four years. The bill approved by the House Wednesday would change that requirement to two years. It would also extend in-state tuition to victims of human trafficking and crimes in their home countries.

Yet the legislation being “postponed” left activists upset, after years of pushing for undocumented students to have access to millions more in aid:

For years, undocumented immigrant activists and allies have pushed for passage of a bill to grant undocumented students access to the $165-million pot of institutional financial aid at public colleges and universities in the state. Undocumented students pay into the pot with their tuition dollars.