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Bond Commission to Vote on Malloy’s Tolls Study Wednesday; Passage Seems Likely

July 25, 2018 By Staff
Bond Commission to Vote on Malloy’s Tolls Study Wednesday; Passage Seems Likely

There are 10 members on the state Bond Commission. Three are likely to oppose the tolls study, and one will abstain. Only two more members would need to oppose the study to tank it.

On Wednesday morning, the 10-member state Bond Commission seems likely to approve a request, from Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), to put $10 million in taxpayer-backed bonds toward a study on reinstating tolls in Connecticut.

The agenda item has received more attention and opposition than most Bond Commission items, though at least one Bond Commission member – State Rep. Christopher Davis (R-Ellington) – has regularly opposed what he charges are wasteful items on the commission’s agenda.

With one of the ten members on the Bond Commission – Treasurer Denise Nappier (D-Conn.) – announcing this week she’s abstaining from the vote – the opposition to the tolls study needs five ‘no’ votes to tank the proposal.

They opposition likely already has three ‘no’ votes:

  • Davis
  • State Sen. Scott Frantz (R-Greenwich)
  • Comptroller Kevin Lembo (D-Conn.)

Can the opposition gain two more votes? It’s unlikely. Malloy, Jepsen, and Malloy budget director Ben Barnes seem like locks to vote for the tolls study.

That leaves three more commission members:

  • Melody Currey, Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services
  • Sen. John Fonfara (D-Hartford)
  • Rep. Jason Rojas (D-Hartford)

Currey is a Malloy appointee, Fonfara supports tolls, and Rojas appears to support tolls as well.

The $10-million, taxpayer-backed study would be a significant step in the direction of reinstating tolls in Connecticut.