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BUDGET Update: Malloy Silent After Veto Pledge, GOP + Towns Urging Passage

September 18, 2017 By Staff
BUDGET Update: Malloy Silent After Veto Pledge, GOP + Towns Urging Passage

Your Monday afternoon update on the GOP budget that passed with bipartisan support in the Senate and House over the weekend.

Over the weekend, Connecticut’s political landscape shifted in major ways as a few Democrats in the state Senate and the state House joined Republicans to pass a GOP-led budget proposal that does not raises taxes in the next two years.

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) pledged to veto the proposal, which passed 21-15 in the Senate and 77-73 in the House. However, since announcing he would veto the proposal after the Senate’s vote, Malloy has been silent on the budget on both his official site and Twitter.

Meanwhile, House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (R-Derby) continued her public lobbying efforts for the budget on Monday, noting support from Connecticut’s small towns:

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) did the same:

This historic and now bipartisan budget deserves support, not a veto from the governor. A veto will mean chaos as the governor’s drastic executive order cuts to schools would go into effect in October and the state’s deficit becomes harder to solve as each day goes by. A veto should not stand in the way of a budget that aims to restore confidence in our state.

Democratic leaders in the legislature, who negotiated the failed budget compromise with Malloy, remain opposed to the GOP budget proposal:

And some residents attended a rally in Hartford on Sunday to urge Malloy to sign the budget, according to the Hartford Courant.

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