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CLOSING ARGUMENT: Dave Walker, Candidate for Governor

May 7, 2018 By Staff
CLOSING ARGUMENT: Dave Walker, Candidate for Governor

Reclaim Connecticut spoke to Walker, a former comptroller general of the United States and current candidate for governor, last week.

“I believe that I have unparalleled experience in making major change happen in government,” former comptroller general Dave Walker told Reclaim Connecticut last week.

That’s the argument Walker is taking into the statewide GOP convention at Foxwoods this Friday and Saturday, and one he hopes to take into a contested primary.

We checked in with Walker as part of Reclaim Connecticut’s ongoing “Closing Argument” series, where candidates competing at May’s statewide conventions – and, potentially, August’s primaries – have a chance to make their case to convention delegates and voters.


A candidate has to earn the support of 15 percent of the delegates at the convention to automatically qualify for the August primary. If he or she doesn’t hit 15 percent, they can petition their way onto the primary ballot, though it can be a long and expensive process. Whoever earns 50 percent of delegates’ votes, after any number of rounds of voting, wins the party endorsement.

“I feel confident that we’re gonna hit the 15-percent number in the convention, and that’s what my goal is for the convention,” Walker said.

Unlike some other candidates on the Republican side, Walker is pledging not to campaign anymore if he doesn’t reach 15 percent.

“I will not petition to get on the ballot if I don’t meet the 15 percent,” Walker said. “I do, however, expect to meet the 15 percent.”


Walker noted that “[t]here will be a very big vote tonight at the Fairfield RTC [Republican Town Committee], to decide who the Fairfield RTC will endorse.”

“We feel confident that we’re gonna win that vote,” Walker added.

Indeed, he won the vote in a big way, according to reporter Ken Dixon.

Walker also noted another round of endorsements for his campaign, which included RTC members from Fairfield, Milford, Bridgeport and Madison, and New Haven RTC Chairman Jeff Weiss.


Walker talked in broad terms about what’s at stake for the state in 2018.

“I believe that this year’s election needs to be about the future of the state rather than a particular office, a particular person, or a particular political party,” Walker said. “And I’ve said from day one that we need to conduct an issues-based, issues-oriented … campaign about the state, with a Connecticut turnaround team.”

“My background is what likely Republican voters prefer,” Walker also said. “By an overwhelming margin, they want an executive who has both private sector and government experience.”


So what’s Walker’s closing argument to delegates choosing to endorse a candidate this weekend?

“I believe that the Republican delegates need to consider two key questions in how they vote at the convention. First, who can win the general election? Secondly, who can get the job done when they do win?” Walker said. “In addition, they need to consider what the voters want. As I mentioned previously, the voters overwhelmingly do not want a traditional politician.”

Walker believes he’s the man to get the job done.