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Coincidence? Lamont Endorses New Haven Airport Expansion on Day He Receives Mayor’s Endorsment

May 3, 2018 By Staff
Coincidence? Lamont Endorses New Haven Airport Expansion on Day He Receives Mayor’s Endorsment

Ned Lamont earned a big endorsement on Thursday. Does his endorsement of expanding Tweed New Haven airport have something to do with it?

Ned Lamont, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate who’s looking more and more like a winner of the party endorsement at May’s Democratic convention, earned the endorsement of Mayor Toni Harp (D-New Haven) on Thursday.

Kevin Rennie of Daily Ructions reported:

Toni Harp, New Haven’s popular mayor, will endorse wealthy Greenwich Democrat Ned Lamont for governor on Thursday, Daily Ructions can report. The move should be accompanied by a significant chunk of votes from the biggest delegation to the party nominating convention later this month.

The endorsement is, as Rennie noted, a blow to Susan Bysiewicz, another Democratic gubernatorial candidate. It’s also a blow to Mayor Joe Ganim (D-Bridgeport), who is running for governor and serves just half an hour down the road from Harp.

In timing that can only be called curious, the Hartford Courant‘s Neil Vigdor reported on Thursday morning that Lamont will also “support runway extension at Tweed New Haven Airport.”

Coincidence? Harp is a supporter of runway extension at Tweed. She said in March 2018:

“Greater New Haven has a national, even global, presence in many fields,” Harp said in her testimony. “We are eager to provide for a great city, at the hub of a great region, with great people doing great things, greater access to other major cities, other bustling regions and their commensurate airports.”

However, as WSHU reported in March, some area residents are concerned about the impact of runway extension:

Some residents who live near Tweed say that extending the runway could hurt the Long Island Sound, and could lead to traffic and noise issues.

Harp says that a noise mitigation program, which the city spent $40,000 per house on, has worked for the homes closest to Tweed.

Whether Lamont’s endorsement of Tweed expansion has anything to do with Harp’s endorsement on the same day, voters in the New Haven area may take concern with Lamont’s position, if they’re worried about expansion itself.