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Connecticut Gun Ownership Spikes

March 20, 2017 By Staff
Connecticut Gun Ownership Spikes

Connecticut's residents spent 2016 buying more guns.

The number of Connecticut pistol permit applications “nearly doubled” in 2016:

The number of pistol permit applications processed by the State police for the entire state of Connecticut nearly doubled between 2015 and 2016, according to statistics provided by state police spokeswoman Kelly Grant.

As Gov. Malloy (D-Conn.) targets gun owners, with huge permit increases in his new budgets, Connecticut’s residents spent 2016 buying more guns.

It’s well-known that Connecticut’s gun industry and defense industry are two of its strongest, so much so that the governor himself made that a vocal point of his ‘State of the State’ address in January.

Despite the importance of these industries, and while Connecticut faces a $1.7-billion-dollar budget deficit, Gov. Malloy has chosen to target gun owners for fee hikes in his new budget.