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CT Democrats Go 0-for-2 in Tuesday’s Special Elections

April 26, 2017 By Staff
CT Democrats Go 0-for-2 in Tuesday’s Special Elections

Connecticut Democrats lost a Hartford seat to a Working Families Party candidate, and lost big in the conservative 68th Assembly District.

Tuesday night was a rough one for Connecticut Democrats. After the budget process fell apart in Hartford, the party lost two special elections for state House seats.

The first, in the conservative 68th Assembly District – which includes Watertown and Woodbury – came as no surprise, with Republican Joe Polletta defeating Democrat Louis Esposito with around 78 percent of the vote. Polletta fills the seat once occupied by Eric Berthel, who is now a state senator for the 32nd Senate District.

The second, in the 7th Assembly District in Hartford, came as a surprise. Joshua Hall, a teachers union employee, won with 625 votes. Hall is a liberal, like his opponents Rickey Pinckney and Kenneth Green, but ran on the Working Families Party (WFP) line. It’s only the second time a WFP-only candidate won a state House race.

The WFP touted the win as a defeat of the Democratic Party:

Democrats and the WFP had fought during the campaign after the Democratic candidate, Pinckney, released a mailer that accused WFP of trying to “steal our seat.” Pinckney ended up losing by a slim margin.