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CT Dems’ Budget: $1.53B in New Taxes, Vote Tonight

September 14, 2017 By Staff
CT Dems’ Budget: $1.53B in New Taxes, Vote Tonight

Hours before a scheduled vote, the full truth came out: the two-year budget compromise proposed by Democrats will have $1.53 billion in new taxes.

On Thursday afternoon, the bicameral Finance Committee approved a revenue package by a party-line, 26-25 vote:

As the revenue package was approved, Connecticut media reported the two-year package will have $1.53 billion in new taxes.

From The CT Mirror‘s Keith Phaneuf:

The proposed solution to the Connecticut budget impasse would break new ground raising revenue with taxes and fees on seasonal homes, cell phones and fantasy sports gambling as part of a broad package of increases expected to raise $1.53 billion across this fiscal year and next combined.

Earlier in the day, in an interview with Reclaim Connecticut, Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) blasted the Democrats’ lack of transparency on the budget.

Fasano noted that the GOP budget proposal does not raise taxes.

A full vote on the budget is expected sometime Thursday night.