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CT Dems Recruiting for Candidates … Online?

February 14, 2017 By Staff
CT Dems Recruiting for Candidates … Online?

The Connecticut Democratic Party has an online form for interested candidates for office, tweeted out by Women's March CT.

In his Chicago farewell address in January, President Obama urged his followers to “grab a clip board … and run for office yourself.” It seems the Connecticut Democratic Party is taking those orders to heart, with a new online form for people to express their interest in running for office.

Offices that Democrats can express their interest for include:

  • Mayor/First Selectman
  • Town Council/Selectman
  • Board of Ed
  • State legislator (for election cycle 2018)
  • And: “I don’t know! I just want to run for something!”

The Women’s March CT, with 1,000-plus followers on Twitter, tweeted out their support for the effort on Tuesday:

It’s an unorthodox and direct recruitment method, especially since much of this recruitment often happens internally. Still, it may be an example of Democrats seeking to harness the protests and march efforts in the Trump era. Better to have candidates on the party’s side than staging primary campaigns against centrist Democrats.