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CT-Gov.: Boughton’s Back, Herbst and Walker Have More Endorsements; New RCT Interviews

March 19, 2018 By Staff
CT-Gov.: Boughton’s Back, Herbst and Walker Have More Endorsements; New RCT Interviews

Updates from the campaign trail as we approach a busy spring season.

Every Monday, Reclaim Connecticut will bring readers an update on campaign trail activity from the crowded Connecticut gubernatorial race. See last week’s update here.

As for this week, here are your essential updates.


After a health scare on Friday, gubernatorial candidate Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury) was back on the campaign trail this weekend, tweeting on Friday evening, “We good now.”


Republican Dave Walker rolled out third and fourth rounds of endorsements, with 10 business leaders and 10 political leaders endorsing his candidacy.

Business leaders included former or current CEOs of Andersen Worldwide (Joe Berardino), New Castle Hotels & Resorts (David Buffam), Russell Reynolds Associates (Russell S. Reynolds, Jr.), and Laticrete International (David Rothberg). Political leaders included RTC chairs of Canton (Brian First) and Hartford (Ken Lerman), a former state senator (Win Smith), and the first selectman of Somers (Bud Knorr).


Former First Selectman Tim Herbst (R-Trumbull) also announced new endorsements – six of them – including three leaders in Newington (RTC Chair Domenic Pane, Mayor Roy Zartarian, and RTC Member Ben Ancona) and the Newington Republican Town Committee (RTC).

Herbst has 88 endorsements in the race.


Reclaim Connecticut has a two-part interview with Bob Stefanowski, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, this week. Part one is live on the site, part two will be on Tuesday morning.

Also look out Monday afternoon for our exclusive interview with Rod Hanscomb, a liberatarian candidate for governor.