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CT-Gov.: GOP Leads Dems on Generic Ballot By 19; Other Updates

April 9, 2018 By Staff
CT-Gov.: GOP Leads Dems on Generic Ballot By 19; Other Updates

All the latest updates from the campaign trail, after one of the busiest weeks of 2018 so far.

Every Monday, Reclaim Connecticut will bring readers an update on campaign trail activity from the crowded Connecticut gubernatorial race. See last week’s update here.


A new poll released by Tremont Public Advisors has an almost-shockingly good result for Republicans:

In the survey released by the public affairs firm Tremont Public Advisors, almost 58 percent of Connecticut residents said they would elect a Republican over a Democrat (39 percent) in November’s governor’s race.

Of specific candidates polled, Mayor Erin Stewart (R-New Britain) led the field with 22 percent. The candidate with the next-highest support was former Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz (D-Conn., 12 percent).


In a tweet to Reclaim Connecticut, businessman and Republican Bob Stefanowski confirmed he’s skipping the May convention and petitioning straight to the August GOP primary ballot.

In a not-so-thinly-veiled response at Stefanowski, and other GOP candidates, former First Selectman Tim Herbst (R-Trumbull) said candidates who can’t hit 15 percent at the May convention should drop out.

“If these candidates can’t demonstrate enough viability to win the support of 15 percent of the grassroots Republicans at our convention they do not have what it takes to defeat the Democrats in November and should immediately drop-out.”


Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury) announced a new run of endorsements, led by State Reps. Christopher Davis (R-Ellington) and Timothy LeGeyt (R-Canton).

Mike Handler announced a batch of 50 endorsements, from leaders across the state.

Mayor Mark Lauretti (R-Shelton) released a new round of endorsements, leading with First Selectman George Temple (R-Oxford), former Mayor Tony Staffieri (R-Derby), and State Central Rep. Chris Silheavy.

Dave Walker announced another round of endorsements from business and non-profit leaders, including current and former officials of the British West Indies Trading Company (Georgia Dunn Belk, William Belk), ExxonMobil (Lucio A. Noto), and the Connecticut Community Foundation (Paula Van Ness).


Another businessman and Republican in the race, David Stemerman, released his fiscal stability plan last week. The plan features three commitments:

  • “First, retirees will know that they will be paid what they are promised going forward.”
  • “Second, taxpayers will not pay for retirement benefits greater than what they can earn themselves, and they will no longer bear the risk of guaranteeing defined benefits.”
  • “Third, we will invest as a State the resources we need to meet our responsibilities for our children and the generations that follow.”


Democrat Ned Lamont won an AFL-CIO straw poll on Friday.

Read more about the convention here, from Reclaim Connecticut.


A few updates from other statewide offices down the ballot.


First Selectman Steven Everett (R-Columbia), a decorated Navy veteran, announced his campaign for lieutenant governor.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us. The next Republican governor is going to need to get Connecticut back on track: Create jobs, reduce government waste, reform our pension system, improve our education system, and repair our crumbling transportation infrastructure. Throughout my career, my job has been to work with a team, create a plan, and then be a leader in getting the job done. I’ll be ready on day one to work with our next Republican governor.”

Everett’s website is


First Selectman Kurt Miller (R-Seymour), likely the only major Republican candidate in the race for state comptroller after businessman Mark Greenberg’s move to a congressional run, announced his campaign had raised over $25,000 last week.

““I have a proven track record of reform and making sure taxpayers’ money is spent wisely,” Miller said. “It is time to have a State Comptroller we can trust and we can do that by making a clean sweep of the Malloy administration this November.”


John Shaban, a former state representative and Republican candidate for attorney general, announced six new endorsements, led by State Rep. John Piscopo (R-Litchfield).