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CT Insurers Request Big Rate Hikes, On and Off Obamacare Exchanges, for 2018

May 9, 2017 By Staff
CT Insurers Request Big Rate Hikes, On and Off Obamacare Exchanges, for 2018

Health insurers requested big rate hikes – some averages as high as 33 percent – for plans sold on and off Connecticut's Obamacare exchange in 2018.

ConnectiCare and Anthem Health Plans are requesting 2018 rate hikes in the range of 15 to 33 percent for Obamacare plans, according to data relaesed by the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) on Monday.

CID released a rate chart for 14 different plans – four offered on Connecticut’s Obamacare exchange, called AccessHealthCT, and 10 offered off the exchange.

The smallest increase is for UnitedHealthcare small group plans off the exchange, which requested a 3.6% average premium increase, while the largest is for Anthem individual plans on the Obamacare exchange, which requested a 33.8% average premium increases.

Of the five plans that cover 35,000 or more people in Connecticut, all requested rate hikes of 10 percent or more:

  • ConnectiCare Insurance, off-exchange small group (covering 55,503 people): requesting average 10.0% hike
  • ConnectiCare Benefits, on-exchange individual (covering 50,907 people): requesting average 15.2% hike
  • Anthem, on-exchange small group (covering 45,000 people): requesting average 31.6% hike
  • ConnectiCare Insurance, off-exchange individual (covering 37,142 people): requesting average 22.0% hike
  • Anthem, on-exchange individual (covering 35,000 people): requesting average 33.8% hike

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) recently defended Obamacare, as the GOP works to repeal the law.

Other Connecticut Democrats have stuck up for the law as well, but have not talked about the rough year Obamacare had in 2016 in Connecticut.