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CT Small Towns Beat the Federal Railroad Administration

July 13, 2017 By Staff
CT Small Towns Beat the Federal Railroad Administration

To the relief of Connecticut's shoreline communities, the FRA dropped its plans.

Yesterday, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) dropped its controversial plans for an Old Saybrook-to-Rhode island bypass:

Bowing to local pressure, the Federal Railroad Administration has dropped plans for a controversial new rail line along the eastern Connecticut shore from its ambitious project to overhaul the railroad system in the Northeast corridor.

As reported in January by Reclaim Connecticut, Amtrak had planned a “new northeastern route” that would cut through historic Old Lyme, Connecticut.

The FRA’s proposed “preffered route” would have been devastating to local communites. It’s a route that would have prioritized rail traffic between New York and Boston at the cost of small shoreline communties.

To the relief of Connecticut’s shoreline communities, the FRA instead plans to focus on maintenance and upgrades to existing lines:

But on FRA dropped plans to add new tracks from New Haven to Providence, preferring instead to focus on increased maintenance and repair of the existing rail line and allowing Connecticut and Rhode Island to work with the FRA and other states, including Massachusetts, on a “capacity study” that could include alternatives to the existing route.