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CT’s Missing Out On America’s Economic Boom

August 2, 2017 By Staff
CT’s Missing Out On America’s Economic Boom

Connecticut's economy continues to be left behind

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has skyrocketed past 22,000 points, the highest it has ever traded. President Trump has praised the economic boom taking place under his administration, tweeting out his delight.

Meanwhile, Connecticut is bogged down by a budget crisis. The recent union concession deal locked taxpayers into a 10 years of benefits and fails to solve a growing budget shortfall.

Connecticut’s dismal economic recovery has trailed not only the region’s development, but also the nation’s recovery.

Major corporations like General Electric have fled for urban hotspots, complaining about the state’s ever-increasing taxes and the toxic business climate. Connecticut’s exodus problem isn’t limited to corporations, either, as people are also leaving high-cost Connecticut in droves.

Under Governor Malloy’s leadership, Connecticut’s far from enjoying the economic boom America is currently enjoying.