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Dan Drew Endorses Bernie’s Platform; What About Chris Mattei?

November 15, 2017 By Staff
Dan Drew Endorses Bernie’s Platform; What About Chris Mattei?

It's unclear if Connecticut voters support Bernie Sanders' expensive, expansive platform when the state is tens of billions of dollars in debt.

After Reclaim Connecticut pointed out this week that Mayor Dan Drew (D-Middletown), a gubernatorial candidate, is speaking to Bernie Sanders’ 501(c)(4) group Our Revolution, Drew came out and endorsed many aspects of Sanders’ platform.

Single Payer? Yes. Free tech schools & college? Yes. Women's Rights? Yes. $15/hour? Yes. Renewable Energy? Yes. Taxing the 1%? Yes. Shamed into abandoning the middle class? NEVER.

Posted by Dan Drew on Monday, November 13, 2017

Drew did not address, in his initial response to our story, how he would pay for single-payer health care, free college, renewable energy, and enforcing a $15-per-hour minimum wage at the state level. Connecticut is $52 billion in debt.

Drew also suggested Reclaim Connecticut is trying to ‘shame’ him “into abandoning the middle class.” We respectfully disagree with Drew’s opinion that pointing out the cost of massive government programs is “abandoning the middle class.”

However, another issue arose in the initial responses to our story. Our Revolution pointed out, in an email to Reclaim Connecticut, that they also invited Democratic candidate Chris Mattei to speak, and he accepted.

This begs the question: does Mattei endorse single-payer health care, free college, a $15-per-hour minimum wage, and tax hikes, like Drew did this week?