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Dem CT-Gov. Candidate Will Drop to Treasurer, As Chaos Swirls in Gov Race

February 23, 2018 By Staff
Dem CT-Gov. Candidate Will Drop to Treasurer, As Chaos Swirls in Gov Race

Dita Bhargava is dropping from a gubernatorial run for state treasurer, according to reports. It's just one more surprising move in a chaotic governor's race.

The chaos around the Connecticut gubernatorial field continued this week, with reports that Democrat Dita Bhargava is expected to drop her gubernatorial bid to one for state treasurer on Monday.

Kevin Rennie of the blog Daily Ructions was the first to report:

Wealthy Greenwich Democrat Dita Bhargava is applying a reality check to her aspirations to become governor of Connecticut, Daily Ructions has learned. Bhargava has been making inquiries of party leaders on whether to convert her exploratory committee into a candidacy for treasurer.

And the Hartford Courant‘s Neil Vigdor followed with a quote from Bhargava that seems to make her intentions clear:

“I think the treasurer’s position is going to be extremely important over the next several years as we navigate our state back to a fiscally and economically sustainable and vibrant path,” Bhargava said.

Now, Bhargava’s Twitter bio still says she’s “[e]xploring a run for Governor,” as of Friday morning.

But she’s expected to join the treasurer’s race, where if she wins the Democratic nomination she’ll face either Republican Thad Gray or Republican Art Linares, who are piling up endorsements as of late.

In January, Reclaim Connecticut reported on the Democratic gubernatorial field’s fundraising, citing numbers from Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford), Mayor Joe Ganim (D-Bridgeport), Susan Bysiewicz, Bhargava, Jonathan Harris, and Mayor Dan Drew (D-Middletown).

Since that post:

  • Drew dropped out of the race
  • Ned Lamont jumped in and seized Drew’s far-left mantle
  • Bysiewicz confirmed her intentions to run for governor
  • And, now, Bhargava has dropped to treasurer

Whether Connecticut Democrats will sort this out before a contentious May convention? That’s another question.