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Dems Call Foul on Campaign Finance, GOP Points Out Dems’ Own Scandal

January 17, 2017 By Staff
Dems Call Foul on Campaign Finance, GOP Points Out Dems’ Own Scandal

After the Connecticut Democratic Party criticized GOP gubernatorial candidates, the CT GOP pointed out Democrats suffered their own scandal.

With the #CTGov race getting underway, the Democratic Party is firing early and often at the GOP.

More from CTNewsJunkie‘s Christine Stuart:

Without a 2018 gubernatorial candidate to unite behind, the Connecticut Democratic Party appears to be trying to discredit Republican candidates who have expressed interest in the job.

…Last week, the Connecticut Democratic Party accused three of the Republican candidates of accepting money from state contractors.

If there are any erroneous contributions from contractors, Stuart reports, candidates have up to 30 days to return them “without penalty.”

JR Romano, the chair of the CT GOP, pointed out that Democrats recently paid a $325,000 fine for that very issue. They were accused of accepting money from state contractors, in a scandal that lasted several years.

The Connecticut Democratic Party paid that fine in June:

In an agreement approved by the [State Elections Enforcement Commission] on a 2-1 vote, the Democratic Party will make a record $325,000 payment, drop a challenge to the commission’s jurisdiction and end its protracted fight with elections regulators over the use of contributions from state contractors into a federal account to support the re-election of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in 2014.

The previous record, the Mirror points out, was $20,000.