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Elizabeth Warren to Give CT Dems $5K for 2018 Efforts

March 8, 2018 By Staff
Elizabeth Warren to Give CT Dems $5K for 2018 Efforts

The liberal stalwart and possible 2020 presidential candidate is gifting the Connecticut Democratic Party, and every other state Democratic party, with $5,000 each.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the liberal stalwart and possible 2020 presidential candidate, announced a big gift for the Connecticut Democratic Party this week: $5,000.

Politico has the details:

In her first major national political move amid widespread assumption that she’s preparing a run for president, Elizabeth Warren announced Wednesday that she’s donated $5,000 to every state Democratic Party in the country.

The Massachusetts senator announced the checks from her campaign account at a Democratic National Committee dinner in Washington.

It adds to the recent windfall for the Connecticut Democratic Party. Reclaim Connecticut reported on Wednesday that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) gave the state party a $50,000 grant recently.

Like the DNC, though, Warren has a controversial brand. She has recently made headlines for fighting fellow Democrats on a bill to ease some of the Obama-era Dodd-Frank regulations.

Of course, Warren’s donation may also be more about 2020 than it is about 2018. Like her contributions to Democrats running in tough elections in 2018, many will see the state party donations as Warren laying the political groundwork for a presidential run in two years.