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EXCLUSIVE…Berthel on the Special Election: “What’s At Stake is the Future”

February 28, 2017 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE…Berthel on the Special Election: “What’s At Stake is the Future”

State Rep. Eric Berthel (R-Watertown) talks to Reclaim Connecticut ahead of Tuesday's special election for the 32nd State Senate District.

Ahead of the biggest race of the new year so far in Connecticut, State Rep. Eric Berthel (R-Watertown) sounded confident, but noted that a lot is at stake in Tuesday’s special election for the 32nd State Senate District.

“What’s at stake is the future,” Berthel said, when asked about the consequences of Tuesday’s election. “It’s the future of Connecticut.”

Berthel is the Republican candidate for the special election to fill the seat left void by new State Auditor Rob Kane. The 32nd District covers Watertown, Oxford, Southbury, and seven other towns in northwest Connecticut.

Berthel talked about his young boys, his wife, and his older parents, all of who he said live in Connecticut.

“I’ve lived in Connecticut for 41 of my 50 years,” Berthel said, adding that he wants his parents to be able to age without financial concerns in the state, and for his young kids to stay in Connecticut after college and find meaningful jobs.

“We have worked as hard as we possibly could have,” said Berthel. He added that he had a “great core group” helping his campaign. He also made a confident prediction: “I think we win tomorrow.”

The 32nd District is conservative, and Berthel noted that the seat has been held by Republicans since 1891.

Still, Berthel has not taken anything for granted. He has campaigned hard for the last several weeks, with the “balance of power” at stake in the State Senate. Berthel said he came away with one conclusion from his talks with both Republicans and Democrats.

“They really do not like Dan Malloy,” Berthel said.

The state representative concluded that it’s important Republicans have “a voice at the table,” because they’re tired of seeing “Dan Malloy sticking his hand in their pocket.”

The special election in the 32nd District is on Tuesday.