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EXCLUSIVE: Boughton, Hitting Fundraising “Milestone,” Gets Down to Business on “Big Ideas”

January 19, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Boughton, Hitting Fundraising “Milestone,” Gets Down to Business on “Big Ideas”

The mayor, who just launched his gubernatorial campaign, talks about being 'freed up' from fundraising, and moving on to "big ideas" in the CT-Gov. campaign.

“Nobody brings the experience that we bring to this race,” Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury) said. “We are putting together a program of initiatives with big ideas.”

Boughton has more time for “big ideas” in his gubernatorial campaign, now that he hit the coveted threshold for the Citizens Election Program (CEP). Hitting CEP marks means Boughton is ‘freed up,’ as he put it, “to do more besides fundraising.”

It’s “a real milestone for us,” Boughton said.


In a Friday morning interview with Reclaim Connecticut, Boughton clearly had his eye on a long election ahead, listing off what he thinks makes him the best candidate for governor.

“I served in the legislature for two terms,” Boughton said. “I understand the process, I understand how it works.”

“I’m a small business owner, I taught high school, I was in the military,” he continued. “I think people can identify that and understand that.”

“We did the rich guy thing,” Boughton said, an apparent reference to Tom Foley’s two failed campaigns for governor. Now “we’ve got to appeal a broad base of votes.”


Of course, Boughton’s biggest idea so far, one he discussed with Reclaim Connecticut in 2017, is eliminating the income tax in Connecticut.

Boughton gave more details on the plan to Reclaim Connecticut on Friday.

“It’s not just about getting rid of the revenue, it’s about reorganizing state government,” Boughton said. The income tax will be a “10-year phase out,” Boughton said, because “we’ve gotta make sure that all these other pieces are in line here,” including the requisite spending cuts.

“And it’s really about enhancing growth in the state, and encouraging growth in the state,” Boughton said.


Reclaim Connecticut also asked Boughton about the prospect of a federal government shutdown.

“Republicans are more willing to compromise than people realize,” Boughton said. “Chuck Schumer’s putting interests and needs of people who are not here legally over children who are here legally.”

That said, Boughton said Congress needs to “hammer down an agreement on the DREAMers, hammer down an agreement on spending.”

Of a shutdown, the Danbury mayor said “I didn’t like it when it happened under President Obama. I don’t like it now.”


The mayor’s not the only one who’s busy. The campaign’s also humming along, and staffing up.

On Thursday, Boughton tapped Marc Dillon, a former chief of staff to Mayor John Harkins (R-Stratford), to run his campaign.

Boughton also announced the promotion of Lindsay Jacobs, from finance director to deputy campaign manager.

John Kleinhans rounds out the staff, as senior advisor.