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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Murphy Opponent on Kavanaugh, Shutdowns, Immigration, and More

July 27, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Chris Murphy Opponent on Kavanaugh, Shutdowns, Immigration, and More

Reclaim Connecticut spoke with U.S. Senate candidate Dominic Rapini this week on a variety of topics impacting Senate races across the country.

“This election is a milestone event for Connecticut,” businessman Dominic Rapini told Reclaim Connecticut this week. “Connecticut needs for Republicans to win for November in order for us to save this state.”

Rapini hopes to be part of a “red wall” coming up against the “blue wave” some are predicting will sweep across the country this fall, in an era of discontent with President Trump (especially in traditionally-blue states like Connecticut).

Rapini thinks he has the right approach, though, to winning both an August 14 primary, against Republican Party-endorsed candidate Matt Corey, and to pulling off an upset against the well-funded Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) in November.

Reclaim Connecticut talked to Rapini about his campaign, the Supreme Court vacancy, immigration, and more this week.


Asked about his campaign strategy in the final weeks before the primary, Rapini opened up about events, Facebook Live, and more he’s doing to reach voters.

“I’m getting to a lot of high-profile voter events,” Rapini said. “I’m stepping up the use of Facebook Live, in order to talk directly to the voters.”

“Social media messaging is ramping up, and I’ll be launching some very innovative messages and materials,” the businessman added.

Through these tactics, “the voters see that I’m a very different type of candidate,” Rapini argued.


Asked about the August 14 primary with Corey, and if he’ll support Corey should he fall short, Rapini did not hesitate.

“Absolutely,” Rapini said. “I have a great deal of respect for Matt. He’s a hard-working candidate. I will be supporting all Republicans, win or lose, on the 14th.”


One of the biggest issues in Senate races across the country now is the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Rapini said that, if he were in Chris Murphy’s place, he’d want to interview Kavanaugh but that, so far, he likes what he sees.

“Kavanaugh – he’s got a proven record of decisions. I believe over 300 decisions out there,” Rapini said. “We’re able to study his thoughts and his history. I don’t see him as some over-the-top conservative. I see him making good, pragmatic decisions.”

“He will be a nominee that will make a decision based on the Constitution,” Rapini added. “And that’s what we want out of a Supreme Court justice. On both sides.”

Asked more directly if he’d vote to confirm Kavanaugh, Rapini indicated yes, but after a meeting with the judge.

“I would wanna interview him first, and based on what I know, I think I would vote for him,” Rapini concluded.


Government funding runs out September 30, and with the spectre of another shutdown looming over Washington, D.C., Reclaim Connecticut asked Rapini if he’d support a shutdown, like Murphy did earlier this year.

“Shutdowns and brinkmanship – we never should let them get to that point,” Rapini said. “One of philosophies in business is you’ve gotta fix the roof when it’s not raining.”

“I don’t believe in shutdowns,” Rapini stressed. “We hurt our veterans, we hurt our active military, we hurt our government employees who count on a paycheck.”


Another major issue is immigration. Rapini did not hold back in his criticism of Murphy’s record.

“Chris Murphy does not believe in the rule of law. He’s openly for sanctuary cities,” Rapini argued.

“Immigration comes down to defending whether you believe in the rule of law,” the businessman continued. “Chris Murphy does not believe in the rule of law. I do.”


Rapini seems to be centering his economic platform on talk of three critical “gaps” in the U.S. currently: a wage gap, a trade gap, and a skills gap. Rapini argued this week that tackling the third gap will help solve the other two gaps.

“I believe for us, to solve the wage gap and to solve trade gap, we need to solve the skills gap,” Rapini said. “I will go and focus on vocational assets, both nationally and here in Connecticut. I will work to develop a network of talent that will feed from our educational institutions to our manufacturers.”

It’s about creating a “pipeline of talent,” the businessman argued.

The GOP primary between Rapini and Corey is August 14.