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EXCLUSIVE: Greenberg on His 9-Point Plan, and the Difference Between Him and Kurt Miller

August 10, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Greenberg on His 9-Point Plan, and the Difference Between Him and Kurt Miller

The businessman and former congressional candidate answered some questions from Reclaim Connecticut on Thursday.

Businessman and former three-time congressional candidate Mark Greenberg feels confident about this campaign, his fourth, for the Republican nomination for state comptroller.

“I feel perfect,” Greenberg told Reclaim Connecticut. “I feel like we’ve created a lot of momentum.”

Greenberg cited a Tremont Public Advisors poll that shows him up 10 points on the party-endorsed candidate for comptroller, First Selectman Kurt Miller (R-Seymour), but suggested he won’t let up between now and August 14.

“I’m feeling absolutely great, we also have the poll that shows I’m ahead 10 points,” Greenberg said. “[I’m] going from dawn to dusk, and speaking to the people.”

(NOTE: Cooper Communications, LLC paid for the Tremont poll above, and Greenberg has paid Cooper Communications for consulting services.)

Reclaim Connecticut caught up with Greenberg on Thursday, five days before a primary that may not have the attention the governor’s race is receiving, but could be close.


Reclaim Connecticut asked Greenberg what he thinks the main difference is between him and Miller, who’s the other candidate Republican primary voters can choose on Tuesday.

“The main difference is I have 40 years of business experience. I’m an outsider,” Greenberg said.

He pledged to “hold the career politicians accountable for what they’ve done, which is simply destroy the state.”

“Frankly I think that Kurt Miller is mostly in the job of politics,” Greenberg said. “He’d like to have that job for a long time.”

Still, when Reclaim Connecticut asked Greenberg about party unity, and if he’ll support Miller should he fall short on Tuesday, Greenberg did not hesitate.

“Well I think it’s very important — whatever that Republican ticket is, from top to bottom, I’m gonna be supporting 100 percent,” Greenberg said. “The Republican candidates that we have, and no matter who gets through this primary, will be a definite step up [from Democrats].”


As for his potential fall matchup – Comptroller Kevin Lembo (D-Conn.) – Greenberg did not hold back.

“He’s been a terrific rubber-stamp for anything that Ben Barnes and Dannel Malloy have been putting in front of him on the bonding commission,” Greenberg said.

After eight years, Greenberg said, Lembo “has nothing good to show for.”

“Frankly I think he should step down,” the businessman added.


Greenberg is spending the home stretch of his campaign talking about his “nine-point plan” if he becomes comptroller, which leads with “a top-to-bottom audit of all government spending,” continues with “refusing a pension,” and covers recommended spending cuts, tougher bond commission votes, and opposition to tolls.

“The bottom line here is we have to have somebody in our party who can carry the flag, who has the resources to carry the flag … and who has business experience, to be able to make his way through the morass of government,” Greenberg said.

That’ll be his pitch in this final weekend. The GOP primary is August 14.