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EXCLUSIVE: How Mark Boughton Plans to Eliminate the State Income Tax

June 5, 2017 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: How Mark Boughton Plans to Eliminate the State Income Tax

If Mark Boughton's plan succeeds, Connecticut residents will receive a big tax break. How does he hope to accomplish such a big feat?

After Aetna announced last week that it’s considering ditching its headquarters in Hartford for a new state, Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury) – a possible gubernatorial candidate – made a bold proposal: let’s eliminate the state income tax.

“If we’re gonna think out of the box,” Boughton said, “then we oughta start at eliminating the income tax.”

Boughton talked to Reclaim Connecticut on Monday about his proposal.

“Right-Siz[ing] State Government”

When asked for how he would pay for the elimination of the state income tax, Boughton said it’s about the size of government.

“We’ve gotta figure out a way that we can right-size state government, scale it down to what it oughta be, and figure out how to fund it,” the mayor said.

“The only time that the state of CT was excelling at economic development,” Boughton added, “was when we didn’t have an income tax.”

Boughton repeated a mantra: “We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.”

7% to 0%?

Boughton’s proposal would have Connecticut residents keeping as much as seven percent of their annual income, instead of putting it in the state’s coffers.

Connecticut would be the eighth state to have no income tax, and the only one on the east coast besides Florida.

Boughton thinks that will attract wealth and business to the state.

“We’ve talked about bringing wealth back to CT, economic investment back to CT,” he said, “many times when you cut taxes you actually increase revenue.”

How About Tolls?

Reclaim Connecticut also took the time to ask Boughton about tolls, a major issue working its way through the legislature right now.

Boughton would not support tolls.

It “will never go for its intended purpose,” the mayor said. “We have to first address the culture of the legislature. The culture of spending that exists there.”

In conclusion, Boughton said “the problems that we have require bold, bold initiatives.”

Many would count eliminating the state income tax as a bold initiative.