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EXCLUSIVE: Kurt Miller on the Differences Between Him and Mark Greenberg

August 13, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Kurt Miller on the Differences Between Him and Mark Greenberg

One day before primary day, party-endorsed candidate for comptroller Kurt Miller, also the first selectman of Seymour, shares his thoughts on the race with Reclaim Connecticut.

“I feel very good,” First Selectman Kurt Miller (R-Seymour) told Reclaim Connecticut on Monday morning. Though he added, with a laugh, “I’m sure no one’s gonna tell you they don’t feel good at this point.”

Miller expressed confidence in his interview with Reclaim Connecticut though, one day before his primary day with businessman and former congressional candidate Mark Greenberg. The two are fighting for the right to represent the GOP in a fall race against incumbent Comptroller Kevin Lembo (D-Conn.).

“We have quite a big group of people that support this candidacy for comptroller,” Miller said. “It’s gone over very well.”


Before he can spend the next few months drawing a contrast with Lembo, though, Miller has to get through Greenberg. The Litchfield businessman Greenberg is on his fourth run for office, after three congressional campaigns fell short.

“I’ve been very successful being elected,” Miller said, when asked to explain to readers the difference between him and Greenberg. “Unfortunately, Mark has not. And that’s over the same time period.”

“We’ve been running for office the same length of time,” Miller added, arguing he’s not the “career politician” Greenberg makes him out to be.

“Mark Greenberg has no experience whatsoever [running a governmental operation],” Miller said. “[Comptroller’s] not a good place to learn on the job.”

“We need someone who has an experienced, proven track record,” Miller argued.

Miller also took issue with the tone and the tenor of the campaign.

“My opponent has parachuted in with about 2.5 weeks to go before this election,” Miller said, and he’s “spinning of the truth with regards to my record.”

“I’ve tried to keep this election focused on the issues, on my track record, versus my opponent’s track record,” Miller added. Greenberg’s comments on Miller, the first selectman of Seymour said, are “not the way the person that’s going to be that watchdog for the people … should be acting.”

“Mark Greenberg should be ashamed of himself,” Miller said of the attacks, his strongest criticism of Greenberg in the brief interview.


Nonetheless, Miller – like Greenberg – confirmed he’d be all in for the Republican ticket this fall, no matter who wins the comptroller contest on Tuesday.

“I’ve said this from day one, as of Wednesday we are back to being one team,” Miller said. “We all need to be working together.”


As for Lembo, Miller was hesitant to level personal attacks against the Democratic comptroller, preferring instead to critique his two terms so far.

“I think that Comptroller Lembo — I think that when he first took office, I think he tried,” Miller said. “It seems that he has given up.”

Miller argued Lembo has turned into a “rubber stamp” over time, and said that, in contrast, he will be “a little more persistent” in opposing bad spending and bad budgeting as comptroller.

“I think it’s going to be a really spirited battle or debate on the issues, on the record at hand, on what it’s going to take to make Connecticut better,” Miller said. “I wish Mr. Greenberg had stayed focused on that.”

The primary between Miller and Greenberg is Tuesday, August 14.