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EXCLUSIVE: Lumaj Talks Tax “Roll Back,” and “Two Groups” Malloy Governs

April 25, 2017 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Lumaj Talks Tax “Roll Back,” and “Two Groups” Malloy Governs

Reclaim Connecticut spoke with Peter Lumaj, a Republican candidate exploring a run for statewide office, about his campaign, the budget, and more on Monday.

“We have approximately 8,000 families a year leaving our state,” Peter Lumaj said on Monday, in an exclusive interview with Reclaim Connecticut. “It’s time to change course.”

Lumaj discussed the state of the state, Dan Malloy’s budget, tolls, and more on Monday. The Fairfield Republican is exploring a run for statewide office in 2018, widely thought to be governor.

Here are five things Reclaim Connecticut discussed with Lumaj.


Asked why he’s exploring a run for statewide office, Lumaj had a simple answer: “I think that our state is moving in the wrong direction.”

Lumaj cited the 8,000 families a year who leave the state of Connecticut, and added that “our children” don’t “see a future here.” He claimed the state’s taxation system is failing, and cited reports on Monday that eroding income tax receipts will grow the deficit in Connecticut next year and beyond.


Lumaj leads the potential gubernatorial field in total fundraising haul, with $206,000 raised since September 2016. Many of his contributions came from out of state, a fact Lumaj cited when asked about qualifying for public election grants for his 2018 run.

“We have no choice, no option but to pursue” public financing, Lumaj said. But, he added, his campaign is going to “different parts of the United States” in an effort to get others to “[invest] into raising the qualifying funds.”


When asked about the budget of Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), Lumaj said “it’s not working.”

He said his budget, if he is governor, will “roll back the tax system that we have,” including the state income tax, and “roll back” regulations to restore confidence for businesses in the state.


Lumaj stands opposed to a hot-button issue in the state: reinstating tolls.

“I will disagree with that,” Lumaj said. “Any fines, any penalties, any tax increase, any burden that is being placed on our citizens is going to hurt us.”


When asked for any additional thoughts for Reclaim Connecticut readers, Lumaj said:

“The voters — the citizens of our state — should be mindful of the fact … [that Malloy] has become the governor of two groups: unions and illegals.”

Lumaj discussed his dismay with Malloy’s policies on undocumented immigrants, adding “[w]e’re becoming a sanctuary state.”

More information about Lumaj’s campaign can be found on his website.