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EXCLUSIVE: Manny Santos on His “Recipe for Victory” in Seat Esty is Retiring From

April 3, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Manny Santos on His “Recipe for Victory” in Seat Esty is Retiring From

The former Republican mayor of Meriden, a city considered a Democratic stronghold in Connecticut, talked to Reclaim Connecticut last week about his run for Congress.

Manny Santos, the former mayor of Meriden and a GOP candidate seeking to replace retiring Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.) this fall, has a “recipe for victory.”

His odds of cooking up a win may be better this week than last, as Esty announced her retirement from Congress on Monday. Esty is under fire for helping an abusive ex-chief of staff land a non-profit job, even after she learned of some allegations against him.

Santos, who called on Esty to resign in an exclusive Reclaim Connecticut interview last week, spoke to Reclaim Connecticut about his campaign and how he intends to pull off an upset in the fall.


Asked why’s he running for Congress, Santos suggested he wants to see Republican policies “move forward” in Congress:

“I see the direction that our nation is going. We finally elected a president who has no specific allegiance to any particular party or segment. He’s an outsider. I believe that his policies are correct. The things he says, and how he does things, I don’t always agree on. But his policies are dead-on, the majority of them anyways. I wanna see those policies move forward. If we don’t get more individuals that think the same in Congress. In fact, if we lose more seats in Congress, and lose control of one or both branches — the House and the Senate — not only will things come to a halt, the changes that we’ve hoped for with this president and this Republican Congress — but things may actually get worse. If the Democrats take over, they’ll promote their policies of the last eight to ten years.”


Asked what his top issues of focus will be in the campaign, Santos said the economy and immigration.

“Connecticut is lagging in the economic recovery. So jobs is up there, number one or two,” Santos said. “The tax cuts that occurred are — you know, that’s the right direction. There was a spending bill that just passed. Controlling our debt, and our yearly deficits, is mighty important as well.”

On immigration, Santos claimed illegal immigration “is slowly destroying the country.”

For a number of reasons. The general idea that people could come into this country, and not face any consequences, is troubling for our rule of law, that our system depends on. And we need productive individuals. Our welfare system, our social programs, cannot continue to support the assistance that a lot of illegal immigrants are requiring.


Reclaim Connecticut asked Santos how he plans to match up to well-funded Democrats in what may be a difficult election year for Republicans nationwide.

“Firstly, money doesn’t win campaigns. In some campaigns it helps, for sure. And it’s a big factor,” Santos said. “That alone is not a recipe for victory.”

But, Santos said, “The message is: the message, the messenger, and how things are framed. That’s what wins campaigns. Getting people to know you’re running, and some of the issues involved. It’s not just strictly money.”

Santos had suggested Esty is not fit to serve, especially in light of the allegations against her. Voters will have the chance to pick Esty’s replacement in November 2018.

NOTE: This interview took place before Esty’s retirement announ