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EXCLUSIVE: Matt Corey on the Campaign, Rapini, Kavanaugh, Murphy, and More

July 31, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Matt Corey on the Campaign, Rapini, Kavanaugh, Murphy, and More

The party-endorsed candidate spoke to Reclaim Connecticut on Monday about a set of issues impacting Connecticut and the country in 2018.

“This is about the American worker,” Matt Corey, the Republican Party-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate, told Reclaim Connecticut on Monday. “Senator Murphy is about wealth distribution, not wealth creation.”

That’s the key message Corey is taking into the final two weeks of his primary campaign. He’s running against fellow businessman Dominic Rapini for the right to take on Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) in the fall.

With a large campaign war chest and a national profile, Murphy will be a favorite on paper against any Republican challenger. But Corey believes that telling voters about his own willingness to work with others, and what he sees as Murphy’s “extreme left-wing” views, will help him shock the political world this fall.


“Senator Murphy is the face of that extreme left-wing party, who wants more socialism for everybody,” Corey told Reclaim Connecticut. “I stand with small business owners, and working men and women.”

“We need to send people down to Washington that can find common ground,” Corey said.

In response to a question about a potential government shutdown this September, which Murphy is already blaming on Republicans, Corey said Murphy and others in Washington are just “talk[ing] past each other.”

“This is the problem with Washington,” Corey said.


Corey also blasted Murphy on immigration.

“Someone needs to ask [Murphy] the question: why are you against securing our southern and northern borders?” Corey said on Monday.

“We can’t put a border wall on the entire border, nor do we need one,” the GOP-endorsed candidate said. “But we need to listen to law enforcement.”

Corey also advocated for a solution that would provide a path to citizenship for so-called DREAMers. He suggested he would have supported one of the president’s solutions, but “Democrats didn’t want to vote on it.”

“The DREAMers that are here, we need to get them working with green cards, and … there needs to be a process,” Corey said. “I’m also for getting MS-13 and gang members the hell out of the country.”

Corey criticized the “abolish ICE” movement, which Murphy has been mostly mum on.


Asked about President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, Corey indicated he’d vote for Kavanaugh.

“First and foremost, his record is impeccable,” Corey said. “Yale graduate, works on the D.C. court of appeals.”

“Brett Kavanaugh would be fair and open-minded,” he added. “I can’t see anything wrong with this nominee, other than the pure hatred for this president.”


Reclaim Connecticut asked Corey the same question we asked Corey’s primary opponent, Rapini, last week: will you support the other man if you fall short for the GOP nomination?

“This election’s bigger than each and every one of us,” Corey said. “I’d be proud to stand behind Dominic Rapini [if he wins].”

Rapini also said that he’d support Corey if Corey wins on August 14.

“We need more Republicans like that, to help each other out,” Corey concluded.


Until then, Corey is keeping plenty busy on the campaign trail, attending “three or four events a day” and visiting all corners of the state.

“This is the future of our state and our country,” Corey said.

The primary election between Corey and Rapini is August 14.