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EXCLUSIVE: Murphy Opponent Rapini: Murphy’s “Completely Out of Touch” on Tax Bill

December 22, 2017 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Murphy Opponent Rapini: Murphy’s “Completely Out of Touch” on Tax Bill

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dominic Rapini talked to Reclaim Connecticut on Friday about the recent passage of the GOP tax bill.

“Obviously I’m very excited,” businessman and U.S. Senate candidate Dominic Rapini said. “And I see people winning all over the place in Connecticut.”

Dominic Rapini supports the tax bill that passed on party lines in the House and the Senate this week. As Rapini spoke to Reclaim Connecticut, President Trump signed the bill, which cuts individual tax rates and the corporate tax rate, into law.

“This is going to make an impact for most Americans,” Rapini said. “It’s gonna be generational.”


If Rapini were in the U.S. Senate instead of Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), it seems clear Rapini would have voted for the bill. He said Murphy was out of touch for saying on MSNBC this week that Connecticut businesses would be “thrilled” to see a corporate tax rate of 30 percent, instead of the 21-percent rate in this bill.

“He’s completely out of touch,” Rapini said, citing his talks with businesspeople “all over the state of Connecticut.”

Rapini said the two things holding businesses back from better growth in Connecticut is taxes and regulation.

“Every dollar we save … they’re reinvesting in [their] businesses,” Rapini said, citing bonuses given out by AT&T and raises given out by Wells Fargo and BankCorp as a few examples.

“That’s big money,” Rapini said of the raises.

“He’s gonna regret the day he voted against this,” Rapini said of Murphy, arguing the junior senator and potential presidential candidate is on “the complete wrong side of history” on the tax bill.


Asked what he would do if elected to the U.S. Senate, Rapini said he’d “focus on helping fund projects we need in Connecticut.”

Rapini claimed that Connecticut only gets around $0.59 in federal spending for every tax dollar it sends to Washington, and argued he’s the right person to fight for a fair share of federal dollars in D.C.

More broadly, Rapini said Connecticut needs a senator who’s willing to govern and not obstruct.

“When you lead the resistance,” Rapini said of Murphy, “you find yourself not participating in the process.”