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EXCLUSIVE: Stemerman on the Legislature, the “Lost Decade,” and the CTGOP Convention

March 10, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Stemerman on the Legislature, the “Lost Decade,” and the CTGOP Convention

In the second of our two-part interview, businessman and new GOP gubernatorial candidate David Stemerman talks about working with the legislature, and his primary strategy.

In the first part of our two-part interview with new GOP gubernatorial candidate David Stemerman, the businessman shared some “big, bold ideas” for tackling the state’s budget problems and its stagnant economy.

Of course, having an agenda is one thing. Getting it through the legislature – one that could still be in Democratic hands come 2019 – is another thing entirely. Reclaim Conneticut asked Stemerman about working with the legislature if he’s elected.


“It is critical for anyone in the seat as governor, to be able to work together as a team in many different directions,” Stemerman said. “I would look to my own experience of running my own business.”

Stemerman talked about successfully competing “in one of the toughest markets on earth,” the global financial industry, “by putting together a great team.”

“I understand the importance of teams and building relationships,” Stemerman said.

To that end, Stemerman said, he has reached out “to people all across the state, all across the political spectrum, from all different backgrounds.” One thing they have in common, according to Stemerman? “They rightfully blame the same, entrenched insiders that have been running this state into the ground for decades now.”

“And I expect that this next election will bring about significant change.”


The state GOP convention is coming up. There, party activists will choose a candidate from the large gubernatorial field for the coveted party endorsement (and top line on the primary ballot).

Anyone with more than 15 percent of the delegates’ support earns an automatic spot on the August primary ballot. Anyone with less can petition their way on to the ballot.

What’s Stemerman’s strategy for the convention?

“The convention is heavily, heavily skewed in its favoring political insiders,” Stemerman said.

Because of business obligations, Stemerman said, “I really have only been able to devote myself full-time to this for about … a little over two months.”

So, Stemerman acknowledged, he is at a “tremendous disadvantage” when it comes to the convention.

“I am committed to being on the ballot on August,” Stemermand added.

Reclaim Connecticut asked: does that mean petitioning his way on to the August primary ballot?

“I think I’ve been clear there’s more than one path to getting there,” Stemerman replied.


In conclusion, Stemerman talked in part about “the lost decade” – zero job growth, effectively, from 2007 through 2017.

“Parents and grandparents can’t afford to live here anymore,” Stemerman said, and he talked to a resident whose four children are all doctors … in Arizona, because there’s more opportunity there.

“And so people are, as a result, very upset with what’s going on.”

“What’s been happening here has been quite sad and depressing,” Stemerman said. “It’s depressing for what’s happened to us, our economy and our jobs.”

But, the businessman concluded, “there is hope.”

“Don’t give up hope, we have tremendous, tremendous potential here,” Stemerman said. “These are big, bold ideas. The challenges are tremendous, but we’re gonna bring an even bigger game to them.”

This is the second part of a two-part interview with David Stemerman. Read part one here.