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EXCLUSIVE: Steve Obsitnik on the Right to “Inspire People,” and Traversing CT in ‘RV1’

January 26, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: Steve Obsitnik on the Right to “Inspire People,” and Traversing CT in ‘RV1’

The businessman running for governor tells Reclaim Connecticut that the right to "inspire people" to stay in Connecticut has to be earned, and tells us how he plans to do so.

“The next governor has to do two things,” Steve Obsitnik told Reclaim Connecticut, in a phone call from his campaign’s RV – appropriately dubbed ‘RV1’ – while he traversed the state on Thursday.


First: “bring fiscal stability back to Connecticut.”

That item has been the topic of much discussion in the Connecticut gubernatorial race. Obsitnik has thought a lot about the issue, demonstrated by his response to our question on how he’d do it.

“You look to become more efficient as a business,” Obsitnik said. “Our state government is outdated, over-expensive, and doesn’t deliver the quality of services” people in Connecticut should expect.

Tied to the issue of fiscal stability is Connecticut’s stagnant economy.

“We’ve created about 6,000 [net] jobs in 30 years,” Obsitnik said. “So one quarter [of good growth] will not erase 30 years of stagnant growth.”

“I think I’m the only candidate who’s actually built non-finance jobs,” Obsitnik said. “Either [the other candidates are] mayors that collect taxes or investors who invest money. I actually build things with my hands.”


“As important as the first” item, though, is the second part of Obsitnik’s expectations for Connecticut’s next governor.

It involves answering a key question.

“How do you inspire people to actually want to build businesses here, invest their lives here, and retire with dignity in Connecticut?” Obsitnik said.

“We have to earn the right,” he added. Obsitnik talked of building “vibrant ecosystems” around the key industries in Connecticut.

“Having been out and doing this for awhile now,” Obsitnik said, “the voters of Connecticut that I’ve talked to are tired of the same, old path.”

Obsitnik’s betting Connecticut voters will seek a new path, one paved by an RV criss-crossing the state.