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EXCLUSIVE: What David Stemerman Has Been Up to Since the CT-Gov. Primary

September 24, 2018 By Staff
EXCLUSIVE: What David Stemerman Has Been Up to Since the CT-Gov. Primary

The businessman and former gubernatorial candidate talks to Reclaim Connecticut about his activities since the August 14 primary, his position on Bob Stefanowski, and more.

Businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate David Stemerman finished in third place in the August 14 GOP primary almost six weeks ago, falling behind Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury) and winner Bob Stefanowski.

Don’t expect Stemerman to go gentle into the good night, though. The relatively new political player is gearing up for a busy fall helping Stefanowski make it across the finish line against Democrat Ned Lamont. Stemerman says a lot is on the line in November.

“I think that the central themes of our campaign, which is that the state of Connecticut is facing a financial crisis that is putting our families and our businesses at risk, is every bit as much the case after the primaries,” Stemerman told Reclaim Connecticut on Friday.

“We have a very stark choice for our leadership going forward, between Bob and Ned.”


“If Ned is our next governor, we’re going to continue down the same path we’ve been on,” Stemerman said.

And that is? “[D]isastrous results.”

“The op-ed that I had published this past week highlights the central challenge facing the next governor, which is a massive budget deficit,” Stemerman added, pointing to his op-ed in the Hartford Courant. “The underlying cause of that are these unsustainable labor contracts. And we need new leadership from both the governor and our legislature, to reach a new fair agreement with our labor unions.”

Stemerman’s op-ed was enough to encourage a biting response from Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), who wrote in his own op-ed for the Courant a few days later that Stemerman made “ridiculous” claims.

Stemerman didn’t focus too much on Malloy in Reclaim Connecticut’s interview with him, though, instead training his fire on the Democrat who wants to succeed Malloy.

“Our state can’t afford a third term of Dan Malloy. Ned Lamont would be that third term,” Stemerman said, “and Bob would be the opposite.”

2019? 2020?

Stemerman will help Stefanowski, and downballot Republican candidates, on the campaign trail this fall. He’s also helping “develop ideas and policies,” so that, in Stemerman’s words, “those who are successful with the election have the greatest chances for success governing.”

Might something bigger be down the road for Stemerman, though, in the field of politics?

When asked by Reclaim Connecticut if Stemerman would help the new administration should Stefanowski win, Stemerman said “I’ve let Bob know that I am available to assist him to achieve the goals that we all share.”

“But,” Stemerman added, “we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.”

Reclaim Connecticut also asked Stemerman if he has another run for office in him.

“My focus is on winning the election ahead of us, and on achieving the goals that we all share after the election,” Stemerman said, demurring.

“Our state is in a lot of trouble. That’s where my focus is.”

But, Stemerman wouldn’t rule out another run either.

“In terms of the future beyond [this election], I wouldn’t rule out or rule in anything in particular.”


For now, Stemerman is spending the next several months all-in for the GOP ticket, led by Stefanowski.

“I think that Bob comes out [of the primary] with a finely-tuned message that will resonate with the voters of Connecticut, and has been tested in a tough primary to succeed in winning the election,” Stemerman said.

“Like me, he is a businessman and a political outsider, who has shared experience and perspective of the problems that our state is facing, and a fresh business-oriented approach to resolving them.”

Stemerman’s also working to swing the legislature to Republicans.

“Len [Fasano, the Senate GOP leader] is only one seat away in the Senate, and Themis [Klarides, the House GOP leader] is only five seats away in the House,” the businessman said.

“Dan Malloy is not directly on the ballot in November, but his co-conspirators in the legislature are,” Stemerman said. “We need to replace those members of the legislature.”