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FACT CHECK: Lamont’s GE Ad Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

July 31, 2018 By Staff
FACT CHECK: Lamont’s GE Ad Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

The Democratic frontrunner for governor released a new ad this week focused on General Electric's departure from Connecticut.

Ned Lamont released a new ad on Monday evening where he discusses General Electric (GE)’s departure from Connecticut.

“Listen and learn,” Lamont says in the ad, “[GE] told us that Connecticut’s done a lousy job of training our folks for 21st-century skills.”

Lamont, a Democrat who has pushed for higher taxes and for tolls in his campaign for governor, left out part of the story though: GE first thought about leaving in 2015, after Malloy-led tax hikes in Connecticut.

This, from the CT Post:

The company first announced it was considering a move in 2015 amid planned state tax increases. “Retroactively raising taxes again on Connecticut’s residents, businesses and services makes businesses, including our own, and citizens seriously consider whether it makes any sense to continue to be located in this state,” a company statement at the time read.

The article goes on to explain that GE was considering a departure from Connecticut for other reasons, as well. Lamont’s lamentation on “21st-century skills” may certainly be one reason GE left.

But the Democratic frontrunner’s ad suggests that the skills gap is the main reason GE left, when reports suggest taxes were at least another major reason why.