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First CT GOP Debate Tonight … 5 Topics We Want to Hear; What Are Yours?

December 6, 2017 By Staff
First CT GOP Debate Tonight … 5 Topics We Want to Hear; What Are Yours?

Gubernatorial candidates on the Republican side will debate for the first time tonight. Here are five things we want to hear.

Connecticut gubernatorial candidates debate tonight at 6pm in Windsor.

It’s the first major meeting of candidates on one stage, to debate the issues.

Here are five topics we want to hear about.

  • Pension/benefits reform: The state’s long-term debt obligations, including pensions and retiree health benefits, are the largest line items impacting the state’s future. Avoiding ballooning costs may be the only way for the state to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Relief from high (and higher) taxes: The state’s debt problems are huge, but many Connecticut voters are looking for assurances that the state’s budget won’t be balanced on the backs of middle-class taxpayers and businesses.
  • Regulatory relief: Forbes recently ranked Connecticut’s “regulatory environment” 42nd out of 50 states in the nation. Businesses need regulatory relief if they are to come, and stay, in Connecticut.
  • Stopping “brain drain”: Forbes also ranked Connecticut’s “growth prospects” poorly (43rd out of 50), and outmigration remains a major problem.
  • Where to cut spending: Connecticut has popular public programs, high taxes, and a major debt problem. The next governor either has to cut spending or raise taxes. If they’re cutting spending, we want to know where they will cut.

Have more ideas? Feel free to add them in the comments below. will stream the debate live.