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Four Facts About Comptroller Kevin Lembo, the Next Dem Who Wants to Replace Malloy

April 27, 2017 By Staff
Four Facts About Comptroller Kevin Lembo, the Next Dem Who Wants to Replace Malloy

Comptroller Kevin Lembo (D-Conn.) has tried to develop a streak independent of Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), but also has a long history with the governor.

Comptroller Kevin Lembo (D-Conn.) announced on Thursday that he’s exploring a run for governor. Here’s four fast facts about the Democrat, who may want to succeed Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) in office.

#1: Lembo’s First Election Cycle Was for Comptroller in 2010

Lembo notes on his official biography that his first campaign was for state comptroller in 2010:

Having never previously run for any elected office, Lembo had an unconventional path to public service. He spent decades working as a public health advocate before his first successful election for state comptroller in 2010.

He was re-elected state comptroller in 2014.

#2: …But Lembo Ran for Lieutenant Governor First

When Lembo announced a campaign in December 2009, though, it wasn’t for state comptroller. It was for lieutenant governor. He later switched to a run for state comptroller.

Interestingly, Lembo noted he was not running for lieutenant governor as a “stepping stone for governor,” according to the New Haven Register.

Lembo said he’s not interested in the job as “a stepping stone for governor,” but hopes to improve communication between government and citizens, address health care insurance issues and change the way the state operates and develops its budget.

Does this run change that?

#3: Lembo Has Disagreed With Malloy on Issues

The Register noted, more recently, that Lembo has disagreed with Malloy at times:

He has often spoken out about the state’s pension problems, as well as the need for an analysis of grants to businesses and has not aways lined up with Malloy on fiscal matters.

Lembo also recently referred to himself as a “fiscal conservative,” a position that may put him in a tough spot in a Democratic gubernatorial primary.

#4: …But Lembo Defended Malloy During the 2014 Race

However, Lembo also defended Malloy and the Democratic team during the 2014 race. A Yale Daily News report from October 2014 had more details:

[Lembo’s] pitch was made at the end of his speech, saying that if Democrats “turn the keys over” to Republicans, who have “no plan,” the same thing is going to happen that happened when Republicans were in office years ago: they’re going to dig a ditch and ask Democrats to get them out of it. He completed the metaphor by saying of the key candidates: “We’ve gotta hold on tight.”

Will his defense of Malloy hurt him with frustrated Connecticut voters in 2018? Time will tell.