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Ganim Announces 20K Signatures for Gov Candidacy, Breaks With Lamont on Taxes

May 31, 2018 By Staff
Ganim Announces 20K Signatures for Gov Candidacy, Breaks With Lamont on Taxes

The ex-con mayor of Bridgeport is getting closer to landing a spot on the August Democratic primary ballot for governor, and is seeking a contrast from Lamont on taxes.

Ex-con Mayor Joe Ganim (D-Bridgeport) announced on Wednesday that he has collected more than 20,000 signatures in his effort to force a Democratic gubernatorial primary with party-endorsed Ned Lamont.

As Only in Bridgeport reported, Ganim needs 15,458 verified signatures from Connecticut Democrats to earn a spot on the ballot, but a portion of signatures are likely to be ruled invalid when counted.

A successful Ganim effort would slow the coronation of Lamont as the Democratic nominee for governor, though it’s unclear if the Bridgeport mayor can take the crown in an August primary.

One way Ganim will try to distinguish himself from Lamont, though, became clear this week: Ganim will not rush to raise taxes.

While Lamont told the Chaz & AJ Show last week “yes,” he will raise taxes as governor, Ganim was more equivocal (his response begins around 5:35):

“Well, [Lamont] said he would raise taxes. … So that’s the easy way out for people. ‘Oh, we don’t have enough money, let’s go raise taxes. Let’s not figure out how to get it done with the billions of dollars that you have in the state budget.’ That’s not been my approach on a local level of government.”

Could a Democratic gubernatorial primary be all about who’s pledging to raise taxes and who’s not? Ganim may make it that way if he reaches the primary ballot this August.